Hydraulic hose fittings are usually connected to an air chuck. They are either permanently fixed or is connected through couplers fittings on the end of the hoe for quick disconnects. You may want a permanently fixed hose if you are using a pump for filling tires. Otherwise, you can use couplers and fittings.

There are two things you will mainly need for the installation other than the hose fitting. One is Teflon tape and wrench. Here is a 4 step process of how you can install a hydraulic hose fitting on your air hose.

Step 1

The first step of the installment is to review and study all the parts involved. Ideally, the air chuck should be fixed on one end of the hydraulic hose. This will ensure that you don’t misplace the chuck. The end of the hose will be attached to the compressor or air supply tank. The choice of being permanently attached is completely up to you, although you should consider the fact that it should be permanently fixed. You will find that most hoses come with threaded male fittings permanently attached to the host.

Step 2

So first, you need to wrap Teflon tape on the hose end. Look directly at the end of the hose, and start wrapping the tape in a clockwise manner. You should do three to four full turns around the fitting. Make sure you cover every space available before you move on to the next step.

Step 3

Now we move onto threading the hydraulic hose. You will need two wrenches for this step. Use one wrench to hold the hydraulic hose and fitting in place. This is vital so that there is no gap and to ensure a perfect fit. You need to use the other wrench to turn the chuck into the thread tightly.

One thing to make sure is that you should not be over tightening the chuck into the hose. This will be damaging to the hose so it’s better to avoid it. Then you need to attach the Teflon tape wrapped fitting side to the of the compressor. Once attached you should tighten the joint, but this time you should be using your wrench to turn the hose.

Step 4

Installing quick connecting and disconnecting coupler is the last step. This is to make sure that you have a multi-purpose pump. You would be able to use any sort of fitting for any purpose once you install a coupler. You should make sure that the fitting is easily attachable and detachable otherwise you will face problems when changing fittings for different purposes.

Connect the female coupler to one side of the hydraulic hose while connecting the male coupler to the other end. Teflon tape should be used on both ends for securing the bond. Now you can easily connect the male coupler from the hose to the female coupler that is connected to the compressor.

Follow The Steps

These are the steps you should follow when installing any hydraulic hose fitting to your pump or compressor. The processes are easy to follow and can be done by anyone with a little mechanical knowledge. However, if you are not confident about this then you should consider an expert. You will be able to find experts in your location by a quick search writing “hydraulic hose repair near me”.

Make sure you have all the necessary tools if you decide to do it on your own. A pro tip for this would be to invest in a Hydraulic Crimper. So there you have it the easiest way to install hydraulic fittings.


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