You love your car’s AC. It becomes your savior during the blistering summer heat. But do you know what makes up your car’s air conditioner? Well, you do know your car’s air compressor but nothing else.

Most of us only know the parts by name and not function and location. However, knowing about these parts may become crucial to you saving some money on unnecessary repairs or replacements. Here is a list of some crucial parts that make up your car’s air conditioner.


So the condenser like the name suggests is responsible for condensing high-temperature fluid. This AC part is situated near the radiator with a fan at its front. Highly pressurized and high-temperature is sent from the air compressor to the condenser. This is where the condenser starts the process of cooling. The condenser starts by depressurizing and cooling the fluid. The cooler liquid now is transferred to another part of the AC called the drier.


This is the final part of the AC before cold air reaches you. This component has been strategically placed within the dashboard in such a way that you get cool air in just a few seconds. This unique positioning allows it to also absorb heat from the passenger compartment which leads to better cooling of the compartment. This is the part that is responsible for the moisture-free air and the cool air.


Once you turn on the AC, what happens is that a clutch turns your car’s air compressor on via an electromagnetic process. This component pressurizes the coolant and makes sure that the fluid passes through the condenser before moving on to the evaporator. Once the refrigerant reaches the evaporator a cyclic clutch regulates the internal temperature so that the parts inside don’t freeze.

Expansion Valve

A component that divides the condenser and the evaporator is the expansion valve and the orifice tube. The expansion valve is basically tasked with measuring and ensuring a manageable pressure and heat for the refrigerant. It makes sure that the pressure within the evaporator is perfect as well. If there is an orifice tube then it is also tasked with filtering impurities from the refrigerant.


From the orifice tube, the impurities and moisture need to be collected somewhere. That’s where the accumulator comes in. The component removes the dirt and moisture. They also help regulating how much refrigerant gets in the compressor. As you already know flooding the compressor with refrigerant leads to disastrous results.


This component works like an accumulator. The purpose is to remove dirt and other components from the refrigerant and air going into the compressor. There are pollutants in the air that, if mixed with the refrigerant can turn harmful as well as some debris that might harm the system altogether. So the dryer filters everything for the compressor, it even makes sure that water doesn’t go in.

Air Compressor

So the final and most important part you can say for the air conditioner. The air compressor for your car allows for the exchange of heat so that you can get cold air. The compressor basically changes the pressure inside so that there are a temperature and pressure difference. This allows for the passing of heat which in turn gives you colder air.


Well there you go, these are the most vital parts of your car’s air conditioning. Make sure that you take care and maintain regular tune-ups so that the system doesn’t fail. Make sure you pay extra attention to your car’s air compressor as it is a major part of the car. Now that you know which part does what. You can make an informed decision on your repairs if something goes wrong.



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