1. Time Management


The biggest challenge caterers usually face during an event is time management. Every day you have new clients to deal with and managing time with different parties on daily basis is a big challenge to face. Sometimes it becomes very stressful and you need to control your anger to have your peace of mind. You have to act professionally as every client is not time bound and you are the one who has to manage time constraints.

2. Eleventh Hour Requests for Plan Changes

Sometimes you get eleventh-hour requests to make changes in your plan, either from the client or from your own staff due to certain reasons. Maybe it is because of some item shortage in the market or the clients changed their minds. This is very common in the catering business and you have to deal with such situations very wisely. You can get a big relief in such issues if you use some caterer software. You can get notified well in advance then if there is any such shortage in a market or your clients can immediately make changes in their orders online through that software.

3. Transportation Issues


This is also a big hurdle for caterers when your transportation systems get delayed due to certain traffic issues on roads. Clients do not understand the situation when the food does not arrive on time for any event and you are the one to face their anger. Also, it is better to make a checklist of your items that you are transporting from your place to the event site. This way, you can better check mark items before leaving any event site with all of your belongings.

4. On-site Organization


You may often face issues when things are not organized as planned. It is somehow interrelated with time management but it varies from client to client. At your part, you can train your staff for every such situation but when you feel helpless when it comes to your clients. No matter how accurately you plan for any event considering even smallest details, things might go in another way. You can learn a few exercises for dealing with stress which might help you in such scenarios which are very necessary for public dealing work.

5. Fighting Nature

Well, rain or snowfall can become a big hurdle for you if you are organizing an open-air event. You can never predict natural happenings in advance so all you can do is just prepare yourself for such situations. For instance, keep a contingency plan like an extra tent to handle such issues.

6. Food Waste


For a caterer, it can be a nightmare to not have enough food for all the guests. In another way, you end up with a huge waste of food. It is a global issue these days and needs to be controlled vastly. You can cope up with such issue by using some catering application which can help you to calculate near to the accurate amount of food required for the given number of guests.


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