There are many crypto exchange platforms in the world nowadays. Some of them are indeed quite amazing and easy to buy, sell, and exchange, while some of them are not! In this comparison article, we will do Kraken and Keep a Bit review to see which trading platform is better among these two.

Both Kraken and Keepabit are well known in the crypto exchange circles. While they both are on the top as far as crypto trading matters, these two platforms are quite different from one another. So, it is natural that they are not going to suit the same people.

We will need a thorough Kraken and Keep a bit reviews comparison that reflects on all the key, critical points that need to be checked when reviewing crypto exchange websites to find out which of the two sites is better for you. Well, you have come to the right place. This Kraken vs Keep a bit comparison is precisely what you needed.

Kraken vs Keepabit Comparison

For the sake of this comparison, we will compare the essential features these two platforms provide. We will discuss important factors such as Security, Ease of Use, Supported coins, and Fees.


As we mentioned earlier, both of the platforms are quite well known in the crypto exchange circle. As a result, we can assume that both of them are relatively safe. However, what “security” actually means while trading bitcoins?

Well, on their respective websites, both Kraken and Keepabit use two-factor authentication for instance. By now, 2FA might sound like the “oldest trick in the book,” but the fantastic thing about it is that it works!

You can be confident with 2FA that no unauthorized entity will have access to your account and will also stay away from your cryptocurrencies as well. Although 2FA does not avoid hacks and phishing, it is still a very secure method of protecting your account. 

In short, in this Kraken VS Keepabit reviews comparison, no matter which of the two choices you chose, you can rest assured that both of them offer top-grade security features.

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Ease of Use

More people are coming into the crypto trading world with it becoming more popular and mainstream digital payment media. However, there are more newbies means there is more confusion regarding the use of different platforms to buy and sell. 

Unfortunately, that may be the case with Kraken. It’s not that Kraken is challenging to use or anything. It is quite beginner-friendly and easy to open an account. However, there are more options for Kraken than a newbie would need.

Being the oldest bitcoin trading platform, Kraken has an enormous amount of coin type which may be useful for the users who have substantial knowledge of blockchain technology and crypto trading. 

So, suppose you have absolutely no prior knowledge in the field and still decide to invest. In that case, you may have a challenging experience to find the ins and outs of Kraken. 

On the other hand, the first thing you will notice about keep a bit reviews online is the complete absence of account types. It also makes it a more straightforward platform for trading. In fact, Keepabit is based on solely crypto exchanging services, nothing more than that! You get all of the features on one page. 

While the older users may need more account types, the newbies will find it far easier to trade on Keepabit. The lack of different account types also makes it feel less complicated, and traders find it less intimidated to use among these two. 

Supported Coin

Many of the leading cryptocurrency trading sites out there provide their customers with the opportunity to buy, sell, and swap various crypto coins. 

Without a doubt, this is quite convenient. 

With the increasing popularity of the crypto industry, providing such services has usually become almost mandatory for top-dog crypto exchanges! Suppose the platform allows you to trade just a few of the most popular coins. In that case, popularity will not rise – mainly as there are exchanges offering hundreds of currencies to choose from!

Kraken offers its users to choose from 50 different types of coins. They include all of the famous coin types out there. There are some altcoins to pick from too. 

On the other hand, Keepabit only has two types of coins – Bitcoin & Ethereum.

Both of them have their own pros and cons. If you are looking for a specific cryptocurrency, it is more probable that you will find that on the Kraken platform. 

However, most of the new traders will not need so many types. Keepabit will make them less confused and more confident about what they invest in the platform. 


Now, of course, this is one of those things that appear to have individuals lean towards one or the other site for the trading of cryptocurrencies, relatively quickly. 

Currently, the price of 1 bitcoin in the Australian Dollar is a little lower on Kraken than Keepabit. So, Kraken wins in this regard. However, it can change at any moment. So, check out the rates before trading yourself.  

Kraken is sort of easy regarding payments. For each trade that they make, the platform charges its users up to 0.26 percent. Kraken also has a $100,000 annual selling cap and charges up to 80 AUD in redemption fees. 

So, Keepabit wins in this manner.

First of all, you’ll have no regular trading cap with Keepabit. On top of that, some of the lowest exchange rates on the market will boost the exchange – they go up to 0.1%! This is super-low. 

Regarding the Kraken VS Keepabit fees, Keepabit is the way to go if you’re purely trying to save as much as possible. The payments are absolutely fantastic on the website!


So, here comes the time to provide our ultimate conclusion. Which of the two Kraken vs Keepabit is the better alternative to trade cryptocurrencies? 

To be honest, both of these two platforms are going to be excellent choices for anyone who would like to trade bitcoin. However, Kraken may provide you with overwhelming decisions. 

So, Kraken is definitely going to suit the most experienced traders out there. It has a vast amount of coins to choose from. 

On the other hand, Keepabit is more beginner-friendly and simpler to use. It won’t overwhelm you with unnecessary choices and extra features you don’t need!

Good luck with your trading ventures to come!


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