Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is a software that gives access to a form of the trading system of managed savings through the best managed accounts. The investor will be depositing the money on an account, and then it is leveraged by expert traders to generate profit through online trading. PAMM is considered a modern way of investment as it allows the user to profit from the income they generate. This way, an investor can easily pass through the restrictions formed due to a limited skill to generate profits with trading that reach excellence levels. Hence the PAMM is aimed for investors who have a capital they want to dispose of. PAMM is useful to those who are a novice at trading or who have little knowledge about it. The system involves investing in a well-practiced and regulated manner. The parties cover well-defined roles and interact to gain a perspective of absolute balance.

The roles of PAMM Investing

The effectiveness of PAMM comes from the relationship between the investors who participate in the process. The three parties amongst whom the PAMM takes place are The investor, The Manager & The Broker. If the relationship between the three parties is maintained well, the outcome can be very rewarding.

The investor: The investor’s role is to open an account and deposit the amount of money required. They can also monitor the actions of the manager, but that’s optional. As an investor, you can withdraw the money wherever you want to.

The manager: The manager is the source responsible for generating a profit from the invested money. An experienced trader experiments with money management for a third party. Their task is to analyze the market and use the necessary strategies.

The broker: The broker’s job is to deliver a fair trading environment that benefits the profits. They must predispose an account with good economic states, a few efficient monitoring tools, and an efficient platform.

Benefits of PAMM accounts


As an investor, you don’t need to do much of the tedious work. Hence if you consider PAMM accounts to the traditional trading accounts, there is a significant difference. PAMM account can determine an increase in the quality of life. With a good manager and a broker, you can have the most profit coming to you without you stressing yourself.


The manager alone handles the profit section quite efficiently. An efficient manager who has been in this field for a long time can almost help you achieve a profit to your invested money. Those who organize PAMM accounts choose the most dextrous people at play. So, PAMM accounts are more likely to stand out from the traditional ones.


The law ruling for security is quite strict. As the law suggests that the manager’s accounts and the investor remain separated, this gives the investor more power. Thus, the manager can’t regulate an investor’s account, so no possibility of using it for trading. The money of the investors can’t be moved or withdrawn unless it’s the investor’s wish.

So, that was it. Understanding PAAM doesn’t take much. If you are an investor, you certainly don’t have to worry about how things work. The account is a hundred percent safe so that you can invest right away!


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