Should you lease the next car, or buy it? Buying a used car and driving it for as long as possible will always save you. But if you “must-have” a new car, they have both pros and cons to consider buying and leasing consulting with financial services Oak park.

If you’ve ever been shopping by car, you’ve probably given a chance to rent a car. On the surface, it seems too good to lease a vehicle to be true.

With a reduced annual cost, you get to travel around in a brand new car than if you’ve got a loan to purchase the vehicle. Financial services Glenroy suggests you know about up & downsides of leasing.

The Upside of Leasing

New Car

Leasing is about comfort and luxury. You get the luxury of a new car and no need to worry about maintenance. That’s not to say you can go on for two years without a change of oil.

But, because the car is new, hopefully, you won’t have to worry about any major repairs that would be covered by warranty if they happened.

Low Monthly Payment

For most situations, the annual costs on a contract are fewer than if you have a loan to purchase the vehicle for three to four years at average interest rates. Note that most leases require down payments equivalent to those required to buy.

Less Commitment

If you only need a car for a defined time, such as a two-year job assignment, leases make sense. Or, let’s say you need to replace a vehicle now, but your family is growing, and you know that in two or three years, you may need a bigger car. A lease can help bridge that time.

Business Deductions

Business owners can find leases appealing because you can subtract a portion of your lease costs depending on how much you use the vehicle for work.

The Downside to Leasing

You’ll Not Be the Owner of anything.

When you borrow, you never own anything. While leasing can seem less costly for the next two years, you can still get a monthly payment over the long run. Indeed, those cars are depreciating. But if you keep them long enough, you will yet have something worth selling.

You Must Have Excellent Credit

Leases demand top-notch credit. And for poor records, or though you can get a car loan, this is not the case for a mortgage.

You Can’t Modify Your Car.

When you turn it in, the dealer charges you for any excessive wear-and-tear on the leased car. That means smoking or pets cause dents or dings, or internal harm. This also means you won’t be able to configure a rented vehicle.

It’s Complicated To Negotiate A Lease

It is more complicated to understand how leases have priced than to follow a sell. Once I served at a car dealer’s, I didn’t even really appreciate them, and I sold them!

So, decision is widely dependable on you which way you’ll go after.


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