Because of the higher amount of internet users, many of them are searching for their medical advice plus new doctors out there. This is why you must have a website for your imaging or medical practice.

Also, it should be one of the top-notched websites on the web like the latest RIS PACS system. If not, you’ll miss out on your possible new patients. However, it’s not enough to just use a normal website that represents your practice.

Simply, think about the last website that you visited, which was as unattractive as text-heavy and just tough to navigate. While these features are coming with a website, it’ll be nothing but a frustrating experience, is not it?

If your medical website also has similar issues with PACS imaging systems, your patients will face issues and avoid visiting any more time. Well, let’s know some signs that indicate you have to make your website user-friendly and excellent.

Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

You should try yourself to open your own website on your smartphone. Try to realize how it looks and whether or not you can navigate its pages easily. It might not remain at your top list primarily to design a mobile-friendly website.

However, your patients may prefer to visit the website from their smartphones, tablet, and some other smart devices. It’s because more online searches are happening on mobile devices than desktops or laptops.

As a result, you should have a website that has designed to familiarize yourself with different types of devices.

Your Website Contains More, Boring Text

Does the website you own look full of boring text with lots of paragraphs that your visitors need to scroll through? It’s true having some content on a website is essential like blog posts and articles.

But, you have to try to keep them as concise text as possible and don’t forget to choose the related stuff to put in it. Always, try to use some white spaces with scrolling to keep going pages.

The reason is that your patients visit a website quickly to get their essential information. This is why you have to make it as easy as useful for them.

Your Website Doesn’t Have a Clear & Simple Navigation Bar

Having a navigation bar is easy to find the desired pages by the visitors. But, it’s very crucial to add it to the simple clear way that your visitors find it effective.

The bar should not keep in more than 5 pages if it’s possible. For example, you can add some important bars like About Us, New Patients, Forms, and Contact Us.

Your Website Doesn’t Have Simply Available Contact Info

Apart from using a different pate of ‘Contact Us,’ you always should put your contact info clearly at your website’s top place. Also, you can add it to the sidebar.

If you have multiple offices in different locations, list them clearly with detail contact info. Moreover, consider the lowest amount of clicks that your patients need to find your contact info.


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