The significance of mobile access to PACS is something more than the need. It’s because one thing is very clear that portable devices like mobile phones are the future of communications. It means that if you have a PACS viewer that doesn’t support your mobile device access then you have to make some new strategies to ensure it.

Thus you’ll be able to get the functionality of at the way that people like to work these days. So, it’s a very major issue that you should take action immediately to view DICOM images for easy accessibility. It’s not just an essential issue, it also very useful when it comes to your practices.

Another reason is that the demand for increased use of cell phones and other mobile devices. With this content, we’re going to share some more important points that will make you understand the significance of using PACS mobile access.

Requires for The Modern Physicians

The working way of the doctors has substantially changed and it also getting changed continuously. It’s because most of them look for ways of getting more productive. As a result, you’ll always find them on the run and looking for visiting more patients even they’re busy.

They like to spend less time working in front of their computers. Also, there is a demand for a doctor when they’re not available or when they’re out of the hospitals. This is indeed a much more challenging part to be productive when they’re out of the office.

But, they’ll be able to make it simply possible if they can use their mobile devices to work with them. This is especially very essential for doctors who practice for medical imaging. They’ll work in the hospitals regularly and also will be able to suggest even on the way when there arises an emergency.

Why PACS Doesn’t Offer Mobile Access

As a physician, you might have experienced the issue of getting unavailability to access to your stored data on PACS. You’ll find some unique reasons why the medical facilities are not offering mobile access to their patients’ data. It’s despite getting the scope to justify the unwillingness to remain up to date.

First, it’s somewhat difficult to include mobile devices to access them with to an on-site PACS when it stays for years. But, it essentially doesn’t mean that this is completely impossible. Besides, some medical facilities become worried about HIPAA compliance and security when they think to offer this service.

Bottom Line

The issue involves to use mobile devices to access PACS is easy to overcome with the secured and best PACS solution. The mobile devices should be used to just view the images instead of downloading them.

There is very less concern about private health information that it’ll go down to some wrong hands by avoiding storing up private data on a portable device like a mobile phone. This is even if you lose or it gets stolen or you fall in some situations. And you become unable to use your patients’ records.


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