1. Great Pacific Garbage Trash


Since today we all have moved away from our values and we barely take care of our environment and our planet. All we care about is our benefit and if that benefit negatively affects the environment we simply don’t care like we prefer buying things that are cheap and less expensive but harms the environment over things that are a little expensive but don’t affect the environment. Just because we have become so selfish and don’t even think for a second before littering our mother earth, the plastic litter in the seas have accumulated and have covered 1.6 million kms² of land. This land has been named as great pacific garbage trash.

2. Children Are Found Out to Be Contributing Only 10% Of The Total Pollution but Are Effected the Most by It

The children are said to follow their parents and elders, they imitate their behavior and follow their footsteps. Even though children are far less mature than their parents yet they are only 10% responsible for the pollution of the world and their elders are the culprits for the rest. Also, even though children are not really the culprit still they are the most affected because of pollution and about 3 million children who are under 5 years die due to diseases that spread as a result of pollution.

3. Composting and Recycling Can Actually Reduce Pollution


Did you know you can make better use of the waste from the kitchen like why not use that leftover food from a week rather than throwing it away and filling the landfills and polluting the environment? You can use the leftovers as compost which is a nutrient-filled food that helps plants grow rapidly.

4. Air Pollution Results in Weight Gain


Sounds strange right? It’s discovered that tiny particles from the cigarette smoke and car’s silencer smoke mix with the air and cause inflammation in the human body and this negatively impacts the human’s power to burn calories.

5. Air Pollution Is Said To Shrink the Brain Size

I know you won’t believe it but many scientists have concluded that continuous exposure to pollution can cause your brain to shrink and reduce in size. Scientists examined the human brain before and after exposure to pollution and drew this conclusion. I’m sure this has blown your mind already, so now every time you are about to litter your planet think of how it can affect your brain.

6. Pollution is Not a New Concept

It’s true that the awareness of pollution is a modern times thing however the physical existence of it dates back to ancient times. Now you would be wondering how I know this. So to feed your curiosity let me share with you that many scientists examined the bodies of the Egyptian mummies and they found pollution particles in their lungs and so they came to a conclusion that pollution is not really a modern time phenomenon.

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