If you are an average American family, then surely you have would have THE ROOM that contains almost every extra thing of your house. It will start of as an extra storage space to store your unused items, and after some time it turns into a junkyard. Cleaning it may seem next to impossible but you can achieve the task by following the steps below.

1. Plan It Out

In order to start the decluttering process, make a plan. Set up a time when you are completely free and can concentrate on the decluttering process. Cleaning when you are busy or have to do stuff will lead you nowhere but exasperated.

2. Take All That You Need

Getting up again and again for supplies or boxes that you need will waste your time and elongate the process. Take everything that you need such as trash bags, big empty boxes, small boxes, markers, a cleaning cloth and anything else that you need.

3. Take Your Time

You do not need to do this task in one day but you can take your time and set up a week’s time to completely clean the storage room.

4. Clean Step by Step

Taking out everything from the storage room all at once will leave you confused and tired and do not know how and where to begin. It is better if you take area by area. Start with the area nearest to the entrance and make your way to the end.

5. Do the Labeling

You will find many stuff that will be extra and unused. Label the boxes donate, sell, recycle and reuse. You will have a lot of extra bed sheets, extra appliances, utensils, stationary, stuff that you have never used and will never need, packed stuff and many other things. Keep the stuff that is in good condition in the donate box and you can give to needy people. You will be surprised to find so much stuff that you have lost months ago. You can put your old books, papers and magazines in the recycle box. You can also reuse many of the stuff from the storage area.

6. Dish Out the Garbage and Junk

Throw away all the stuff that needs to be thrown away. Dead electronics, extra cords and wires, shards of papers, broken toys and baskets, clothes which have faded due to age and mold, ripped clothing and many other stuff. Put them in a big garbage bag. If it also has unwanted furniture items, bring in a junk removal Suffolk VA service to remove it.

When all the junk is taken out, you can then carry out organizing and cleanup. Make sure you have fixed the price with the Long Island City junk removal company beforehand so there is no problem afterwards.

7. Sort Out Everything

Once you have packed everything and thrown away, then you should sort out the stuff that you need. Keep the in different boxes so you can easily find them when needed.

8. Cleanup

Cleanup your storage room after sorting the junk. Remove cobwebs, dust, mop and clean the whole room. Then you can set up your stuff properly. Organize using shelves and transparent boxes and name all of them so you can find your stuff.

Your time unvested in cleaning up the store room is worth it because you house will feel light and airy once the storage room is cleared.


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