What Does Residential Cleaning Mean?

Residential cleaning refers to the cleaning of your house. A house is not just a room of bricks, it’s a feeling. You unwind, spend some quality time and relax in your house and for that you need it to be in order and in neat and tidy condition. Who likes a cluttered and untidy house?

Obviously, no one does. Some people do the house cleaning themselves whereas, some hire residential cleaning services who also provides “laundry service near me” for this purpose. The residential cleaning services are allowed access to rooms you want, and they clean your entire house with due care and perfection and make it a tidy place to live in.

If you do the cleaning of the house yourself but want it to be deep cleaned once a while, then residential cleaning services are your way to go. If you want to know that what includes in a residential cleaning service, then read further to know about it:

Residential Cleaning Service

The housekeeping services that are given by the pros to different rooms in your house are:

1. Bedrooms

The pros want to make sure that you spend the night peacefully in your bed so:

  • They make your bed
  • Dust off the baseboards, furniture, ceiling fans and windowsills
  • Clean the mirrors and also the hanging items
  • For carpets, vacuuming is done whereas for other types of floors, mopping is done

2. Kitchen

Kitchen is the place in your house where there is most care required. Expert residential cleaning services do the following things:

  • Wipe the kitchen counters and disinfect them
  • Clean all the appliances including the interior of your microwave oven
  • Deeply clean the stovetops
  • Clean the refrigerator fronts
  • Scrub and wash the sink
  • Mop the floor

3. Bathrooms

Bathrooms should be in a very tidy condition or else it gets hard to use it comfortably. Untidy bathrooms emit peculiar odors and have several types of harmful bacteria. The work done in the bathrooms by the professionals include:

  • Cleaning the basin, bathtub and toilets using anti-bacterial cleaners
  • Wiping mirrors and cleaning the water stains from it
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the faucets and doorknobs
  • Sweeping the floor at the end

4. Dining Area

The dining area does not have lots of furniture in it, so the experts just do the following things:

  • Dust the dining table properly including cleaning of the table mirror using surface cleaners in order to erase spill stains
  • If there is any shelf containing crockery in it, they dust it too and clean the dishes using soft cloth before setting them back into the shelf

5. Living Room

People are likely to spend most of their time in the living rooms chilling out with their families hence, a comfortable and tidy environment is required there. What the pros do is:

  • Dust every single furniture present in your living room
  • Wipe the dust off windows
  • Clean the tabletops carefully
  • Set the cushions on the sofa
  • Vacuum the floor, curtains and sofa properly


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