1. Declutter

Many people like their workspace, physical or digital. To be neat and clean so that they can work in peace without any distractions here and there. MS Word’s toolbar at the top can cause some sort of distraction and a feel of mess. A peaceful and simple workspace is what you want, and you can easily declutter MS Word simply by minimizing the toolbar using CTRL + F1. This doesn’t take away the access of the tools from you, but it does help in making the software look very clean.

2. Clipboard

Having a clipboard adds a definite time-saving mechanism on your copy-paste process. A clipboard keeps your recently copied items for up to 25 recently copied items at your disposal, ready to be inserted anywhere on the document so you don’t have to go back and forth continuously. This can be done by clicking the tiny icon in the bottom right corner of the clipboard section in the Home tab.

3. Change the Default Font

It is kind of annoying to have a font set as default that you don’t like. For example, your default font is Calibri and you have to change it every time to your preferred font whenever you open Word. Click on the small icon in the bottom right corner of the Font section in the Home tab and set the font you want to be set as default easily. This handy feature is hidden from the users, but it isn’t from you now.

4. Write Anywhere

Most of the people don’t know that you can write anywhere in MS Word. It is believed that everything has to be organized in the Word but it’s not true. Double click anywhere on the screen and start writing. It is helpful for brainstorming or writing gibberish or abstract.

5. Smart Lookup

Many people are not aware of a very helpful feature in Word that is Smart Lookup. It is a built-in browser in Word that saves you time in opening your own default browser and look up the meaning of a Word. Right-click on a highlighted word and click Smart Lookup and you will find the meaning and all the relevant information provided to you that easily. Smart Lookup the save as conversion to PDF. People search for free Word to PDF converter, when MS Word can do this for them. More on this later.

6. Kerning

Kerning is a feature in Word that lets you adjust the space between the fonts. This is done to make your text even more customizable. It is a handy option for those who are interested in it. it is simply enabled by clicking the small icon in the Font section of the Home tab and going to the Advanced area of the popup. The minimum set point is 8. Know that using kerning on small fonts may make them unreadable so choose the points carefully.

7. Calculate

The calculation isn’t exclusive to MS Excel only, but it can be done in MS Word too. To enable it you must have it on your Quick Access. After that, you can write a simple equation like 10+10 and highlight this equation and you will see the result on the bottom left of the screen.

8. Word to PDF

If you are looking for free Word to PDF converter, you can use your own MS Word. Go to file > save as > select PDF > click save. However, you want a more advanced option, search for ‘Word to PDF converter free’, you will get plenty of online converters and some software.


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