Like many programs and software out there that have existed since the introduction of computers PDF as well has been in the market for quite some time now. Let us discuss as to how we can edit PDF online free.

1. Uploading Files

The first thing you will need to do is upload your file or files. You can choose a location from your drive or anything from Google Drive and Dropbox etc. Normally the connections are encrypted, so you need not to worry about the security of your files, your files will stay secure and after processing, will be deleted permanently. To edit PDF online free, simply click “Upload” and proceed to select files from your computer. Drag and drop function will work too.

2. Adding Text

To add text, you will need to click “Text” tool in the toolbar that is on the top. Choosing the text option is not only going to allow you to add texts but also make changes to pre-existing text. You can change the fonts as well as the size of the text. If you want to highlight something important, you can also change the text color as well.

3. Adding Images

Adding images to PDF is as easy as adding text. You will need to select the ‘Images’ option and choose ‘New Image’. Almost all sort of images can be uploaded and edited. You can also add texts as well. Select an image from your computer or you can use the drag and drop option. By using the cursor, you will be able to move the images and resize it by using the corners. Another thing you can do with your PDF is add URLs and edit them as well. Just select the portion of the link you want to edit and proceed to editing.

4. Editing Images

After you have uploaded images, you can proceed to edit them as well. By clicking on the “Edit” button, you will have a toolbar with options popup that is going to provide you with options such as “Rotating”, “Annotating” “Flipping” “Aligning” and “Cropping” options. You can also right-click to have these options displayed.

5. Converting Files

Using online editors is also going to allow you to convert your files into different formats. For instance, if your file or files are in different formats such as Word or Excel, it will allow you to convert these files into PDF format. Since, using PDF has become a professional principle, companies, and organizations especially like to communicate using the same format.

6. Security

This aspect may not be related to the topic, but it is of significant importance. Individuals and companies nowadays share important information on a day-to-day basis. Such information consists of important information that can cause damage to the particular entity if leaked or manipulated. Therefore, it should be made sure that whatever online editors are used, they keep your documents protected and secure throughout the process.

Overall, you can find many PDF editors that can edit PDF as well as split PDF online free. You can experiment with some and find out the one that works for you. Make sure to give a look at user reviews as well, if available.


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