When it comes to a PDF owner password, it’s a type of password that set restrictions to the documents. This type of password calls the change permissions password in Adobe Acrobat. Also, it’s known as PDF master password and restriction password depending on the tools.

If you need to keep your PDF files secured, then you don’t have any other way to use PDF user password plus PDF owner password. These two different types of passwords keep your documents safe from abuse.

That means you can remain safe when you have a password protect PDF file. As a result, it’s important to know about the issue in details. So, let’s know it below:

Differences Between PDF User Password & Owner Password

The term PDF user password is also known as “PDF Document Open Password”. Using this password means that you have restricted people to open and view your PDF file. When you set this password, you prompt other people to enter the assigned password to open it. If they don’t know it or input the wrong password, then they’ll be unable to open the document.

Besides, the PDF owner password is also called a PDF master password or PDF permission password. It’s the type of password that restricts your documents if password protect pdf free from copying, printing, editing, commenting, page extracting, and many more things. So, when you set your owner password, Acrobat reader will ask for it to input.

What A PDF Owner Password Does

If you use the latest version of PDF software, you’ll be able to put the highest restriction on your document from other people. In addition, a PDF Owner Password protects your documents from printing, changing the document, document assembly, and content copying.

Also, it’s a great way to prevent content copying for accessibility, page and graphics extraction, commenting, filling of form fields, and signing. It means that you can disable people from copying your text or images. But, it allows them printing, so it’s useful if you like to distribute a PDF that you don’t want to get a copy.

Tips to Set a PDF Owner Password

You’ll find lots of free tools to put restrictions on your PDF documents. In this case, you need to configure your PDF file with your PDF owner password. If you want to set this password, you have to use a good tool.

There are many tools out there, including PDF24 Creator, PDFCreator, PDFill Free, Nitro Pro, and PrimoPDF. While using them, you’ll find each tool is working in some different ways. But, they’re pretty enough similar to do put a password.

Tips to Stop Someone from Opening a PDF

There is another way to put restrictions on opening a PDF file. When you need to prevent copying the PDF file, you can do it. It’s because you’re fully own of your contents. So, you can put the PDF owner password that we have talked about already.


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