You are lucky guys as you’re planning for an overseas trip as it’s not possible for many people. So, are you planning to keep your mobile phone using abroad? If it’s yes then keep reading the entire to learn more regarding how you can avoid bill shock while using them overseas, for example, when you’re using Telstra global roaming service. Global roaming is the service that enables you to use your own number with the local mobile operator when you’re in another country. It’s true it sounds great, but it’s expensive as it changes more rates from your own operator and the local one as well. Well, let’s try some tips that will help you reduce your bills when you’re on a global trip.

Keep Switch off of Your Location Services

You should keep switch off of your location services if you’re going to use your mobile phone abroad. This is because it’s free to use, but it uses your mobile data to provide your location accurately. That’s why you should keep this service off in order to save some data and you can use it whenever you need.

Get Disabled Your Data Roaming

You can keep disabled your data if you need not them when you’re on the overseas trip. It’s one of the best options to save a lot of data meaning saving some money from your mobile bills. But, you should not go without getting online by using free Wi-Fi that available in most hotels at this time.

Consider Buying Data Before the Trip

You have the option to buy an international package of data roaming from any of your Aussie carriers before you go abroad. For example, if you choose Telstra you’ll get the offers of $5 data pack per day while traveling to New Zealand. Also, they offer $10 data pack daily basis for other eligible countries all over the world. If you take any one of them, you’ll get the option of unlimited talk time and up to 200 MB data as a daily basis.

What Does Other Service Providers Offer?

You not only have to choose from Telstra, but you also can get a data pack from Optus that starts from $10. With this amount, you’ll get almost the same advantages as Telstra offers. From this carrier, you’ll get 100MB free data, but you can take multiple packs if you need more data to use. It means that if you pay $70 then you’ll get 700 MB free data with almost endless free talk time. In the same way, you can choose $30 pack of Virgin’s data pack where you’ll get 300 MB free data for 30 days. Apart from these you can choose from other carriers and get one that’s comparatively cheap to you and suitable for you need.

Bottom Line

Telstra international calls mobile or data using is easy if you choose a pack or multiple ones before you go. It’s a great idea for you if you like to save some money and avoid the bill shock of your mobile phone. So, it depends on you and your needs which pack you should use and perfect for you.


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