The rumors were true when Apple has wrapped out the new iPhone models of three new models at a time. These include the premium iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models and iPhone XR. Among them, the XR is the medium-sized handset with a 6.1-inch screen in this new range. Its starting prices are from $1,229 if you get the 64GB model, but iPhone XS prices start at a huge $1,629. It means that iPhone XR is a considerably cheaper handset if you compare it with the XS devices. Apple has kept out some of the premium features it comes with the iPhone XS and Max to offer the iPhone XR in at the lower price. For example, XR has an LED display instead of an OLED and it has the 12MP rear-facing the camera with one lens.

Now, let’s know more about the new iPhone XR’s new features.

Features of the New iPhone XR


We’re talking about the cheapness of iPhone XR than the other two new models like iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. As it’s cheaper priced, it has made of aluminum instead of using stainless steel and it doesn’t let you 4K video recording. But, Apple has focused on this year that seems to be on improvement and features while last year they offered an exciting new mobile phone with Face ID. It’s true when iPhone X came, it didn’t give us many options to choose from, but XR isn’t model that it’s hard to afford for many people as it’s a device was priced nearly $2000. But, the best thing about the affordable iPhone XR is that you may don’t get too many differences between iPhone XR and this phone.

More Other Features of iPhone XR


When we were looking for its new features, they were mostly under the hood of iPhone XR. Besides, the iPhone XR is a medium-sized handset with a 6.1 inches screen that’s about $400 cheaper than the XS models. It’s because XR is missing some of the premium features that come with XS models. For example, XR doesn’t have the superior OLED display, a dual camera, and the ability to get snap with visual zoom. Currently, you can get any of them with some special features like Telstra international calls mobile from the most Australian operators. Also, it has the headphone jack and home button are fine and really gone with the unlocking the iPhone XR with facial recognition. In addition to these, you’ll find a faster processor with it as it was expected and an A12 Bionic plus six-core processor.

Pricing of iPhone XR

It was not much shocking to the world like the iPhone XS, when we learn about the prices of iPhone XR. It’s because the costliest variant selling for $1129 that was the priciest phone that has been released so far. So, you don’t need to get hang on to your hats as the iPhone XR comes with its ancestor in terms of cost with the best Telstra mobile packages.


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